Connected: Improving the Patient-Physician

Experience through Communication

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In a collaborative quest to define "the optimal patient experience," The Beryl Institute and the American Association for Physician Leadership – independent champions of patients and physicians, respectively – posed open-ended questions to patients and physicians to identify areas of alignment between the two parties – and the existing gaps that should be targeted for improvement. 

What emerged from an array of issues was one dominant thought: Communication between patients and physicians must improve.

This perspective explores not only the barriers that frustrate effective communication between patient and physician, but offers solutions for overcoming communication breakdowns.


  • Recommendations on how to bring your health care teams and organizations back to basics when communicating with patients
  • Insights on how collaboration is a partnership that requires honest dialogue
  • Tips for patients and physicians on how to improve the patient experience
  • Patient and physician voices and perspectives from which to build your organization’s patient experience improvement initiatives
  • Insights into communication barriers in the patient experience


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